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MINI Transat żagiel

Length: 6,50 m
Width: 3,00 m
Immersion: 2,00 m
Weight: approx. 1 T
Height: 14 m from keel to mast top
Sails Area "for wind": 43 m2
Sails Area "with the wind": approx. 100 m2

   Mini 650 class yacht is the smallest ocean cruising unit all over the world. It's very fast boat with huge sails area especially builds for ocean sailing. Allows sailing in all kind of weather conditions. Modern design and very spectacular hull shape ensures popularity and rises media interesting all over the world.

Mini history
   Mini class arose almost quarter of century ago. An idea giver and inventor of the Mini was British Bob Salomon. The main idea of new class was design a small cheap and safe boat to allows long ocean cruises; Main goal: Atlantic cruise competition. A comparatively small costs of the Mini unit makes these boats available for wide range of sail hotheads. Open formula of the class harden however rising popularity of it. In 1984 duties of competition organize took French Jean Luc Garnier, and France got new Mini homeland. For class needs, arose association of the skipper and theirs yachts (www.classemini.com). Interesting formula of the Mini competition enjoys success as of amateurs "values" small costs, as professionals. For this second ones Mini Competition had got a foreground for big sailing career, and for theirs yacht constructors testing field for technical news, used later in building the biggest race yachts in the world. First success, especially on Mini had achieved the most famous sailors of the World. Who in the sailor's environment doesn't know such a names: Bernard Stamm, Ellen McArthur, or Polish Kazimierz "Kuba" Jaworski? Additionally, a big number of admitted race yachts constructors, which first successes achieved thanks to this small Mini boats.

MINI present
   Present Mini Class consist two types of boats: serial yachts and prototypes.

Serial yachts
   Units of almost identical nautical attributes. To stop "armaments race" competition rules limiting of using high-tech and very expensive materials, as for hull as for rigging as for sails. These assumptions caused that class Mini is available and comparatively cheap. In serial class then, most important stays: skippers abilities, arrangements the boat for the race, and finally as in every sport a stroke of luck.

Prototypes yachts
   This are an innovative constructions; almost space technologies used in materials and a huge range of prototypical ideas, and all for maximum speed of the boats. Here costs are beside a question, but high-tech achievements. Only limits are: general look, and specific boat dimensions. This type of boats in Mini class has got a proving ground for biggest sailing competitions like: America's Cup, Admiral's Cup or Volvo Ocean Race.

   During Transat Race, competitors are relayed only on themselves. In case of accident instant help is isn't possible. For this reason both types of boats has to fulfil the same very hard safe requirements. Beginning of specific rescue equipment, through the hull construction secure boat against sunk, in the end for big stability of the boat ensuring getting self raising after capsize. And all for securing the most valuable thing sailor's life. Even of high technology progress, ocean cruises on these small boats are still stays most risky activities.

Spirit of the class
   By big number of enthusiasts spirit is considered as most valuable thing. Even big competition, even professional attitude couldn't disturb friendly almost family character during the race. Aside sailing fames on the race beginning still we can find amateurs, vagabonds, or sailors who wants to get beyond the ocean. All have got mutual aim: Overcome Atlantic in fair play spirit.


Following on Sailor's Magazine "Jachting" NO8/2005

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