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September 2010
First Record Attempt Świnoujście - Górki Zachodnie

August 2009
The Unity Line Regatta

August 2009

June 2009
Mini on Sail Szczecin "Sea Days" Maritime Festival 2009

June 2009
First Test Launching

May 2009
This season on the water.

April 2009
Two years of silence.


July 2007
Some End story

February - March 2007
Painting finished!

January 2007
1000 hours spend on Mini.

January 2007
Web page updates.

3 January 2007
Lesson of history.

6 October 2006
It wasn't a good day at all.

3 October 2006
Weekend time I spend for preparing for painting the inside surface of Mini. Total surface area is an 80 square meters. I couldn't believe my calculations. How in the Earth 6,5 meter long boat could contain area for volleyball pool!?!

November 2006
In my eyes madness... one goal-matters: lunch the Mini in this year. Job is only brake maker in this race. Mini will be finished for Boatshow Fair....

15 September 2006
And after the Fair...
Ceremonial ending of the Warsaw Sailing Week took place on Pilawa harbour during the Fair "Yacht for you".

September 2006
We are going for the Fair.
Weekend 9 & 10 september we will be available on Fair: Yacht for you

August 06
A bit more unhurriedly.

July 06
New month just started but again changes... This time on the employment field.

June 06
Summer at last, worm and nice time came.

25 May 2006
Works continues...

17 May 2006
Works on Mini started...

28 april 2006
We have the Mini!


24 april 2006
Latest news from www.Port21.pl - water sports polish portal:
"Watch change on Mini".  Read here


24 april 2006
6,5 meter on the Ocean's wings. Read: part 1, part 2, part 3

18 april 2006
And something more... a detail. Read here

13 april 2006
This Radek Gosh, he writing so much, that he is seen more in media as current deputy Prime Minister Andrzej Lepper. If not sailing that journalism for sure :D. Article on sail-ho.pl, site is a little bit tough to load, but we strongly recommend it, is really worth. Read here


11 april 2006
YACHTING - sailor's magazine "Sailor's event of the year 2006"
Magazine Jachting NO4/2006. Look here

15 march 2006
Next publication about OCEAN650 project, this time on web side www.zagle.com.pl. Title of artice: "Next Polish in Transat650 competition...". Read here

10-12 march 2006
"Wind and Water" Fair. Full of meetings and aid. Relation here

6 march 2006
Sail-ho. Thanks to kindness of Jacek Kijewski, we inform that we act and forcing our affair ahead. Read here

26 february 2006
Polish shanties band Qftry. We got help and the "anthem" of the project thanks them. Now we have something to "hum" after work... Qftry.mp3 (1,26 MB)

18 february 2006
Interview to Radio Szczecin. Look here

26 january 2006
Article in regional newspaper "Kurier Szczeciński". Good work... Read here

12 january 2006
We've got the leaflet of the project. Prepared by professional graphic: Marta Kołodziejska. Effects of her job, and teamwork is seen here:



10 january 2006
Article in "Jachting" about polish MINI projects. Piotr Czarnecki and Jarek Kaczorowski. Bravo! We are not alone. Both projects for year 2007. Ours 2009. Something in MIMI item is happening. We wish them luck, if we helpful we help.

january 2006
Captain Jerzy Szkudlarek join to help the project. We got help with the enterprise organization beyond our imagination. We gain huge knowledge and ocean experience.

december/january 2006
Sailors and "land kind" of sailors offers help. We staring with project faster and faster.

17 december 2005
Beginning of the project Mini Transat 2009 under draft name OCEAN 650. Web site of the project starts. Michał trains "insomnia" in front of the computer screen.

november/december 2005
We starting thinking about project shape. How to reach the aim? When?

18-20 december 2005
Boatshow Fair Łódz. Lack of any information about the MINI projects. Anything is happening in this item in Poland?

17 september 2005
La Rochelle. Mini Transat 650 start. Wish You where there. Everybody in competition start fever, impossible for normal chat with anybody. Most of competitors sails for victory but there, ...there can be only one.

till august 2005
Arrangements, arrangements, arrangements... Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge... Training, training, training...

winter/ spring/ summer 2005
Building of low budget boat for construction tests and sea trainings. Chris doesn't leaves the yacht yard for two months. Everybody helps. Boat brave, even so small. Excellently performing sailing conditions of MINI. We dealing with Mini - Technology. Sailing on the sea. Great season. Here Details

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